Revealed: Nairobi men taking sugarcane juice to increase libido

Revealed: Nairobi men taking sugarcane juice to increase libido


Sugarcane juice has recently been introduced in the Fresh Juice Market in Nairobi.

Men are now being advised to take this juice as it is said to boost one’s libido. This is a natural and health way to help some of the people who have low libido.

Sugar is energy rich food substance since it contains glucose, it re-hydrates the body and boosts energy. Men with ‘flattery remarks’ when it comes to bedroom matters have confessed that after taking the juice, they have increased vigor during ‘Nocturnal escapades.’

The Juice is prepared by mixing extracted sugar cane juice with other ingredients such as carrots, lemon or cucumber, aloe-vera then blending them together.

The Idea was introduced just four months ago but it gained massive popularity after it was rumored that it helps in matters Bedroom, especially when mixed with ginger.

Ingredients are locally obtained hence anyone can come up with their own recipes.


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