Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has denied Campaign billboards

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has denied Campaign billboards


In a letter tendered to the City Governor, Sonko expressed that he had not requested erection of the bill boards and the messages contained on them.

“I had not approved the erection of boards or the messages in them as I have not yet began my campaigns yet however your letter has now incited me that ,”

Sonko said.

The Senator was reacting to an announcement composed to Tangerine Investment Ltd requesting it to cut down the boards for abusing County government seals.

Sonko precluded knowledge of the organization, demanding that he ought not to be attached to the announcements.

“The claimed company is an outsider to me as I have not hired them to do any type of promoting for my sake. In any case, when I dispatch by gubernatorial campaigns, I will review the threats in your letter and hold your office and yourself at risk for any harm,” he declared.

He labeled the message from the County as underhanded and malignant, announcing he had power to utilize the official emblems as he was Nairobi’s appropriately chosen leader.

“The law qualifies me for use and to erect the Nairobi City County image or whatever other related image in any of my area workplaces, show the same amid authority capacities administered by me and in boards inside of my location,” Sonko added.

On Monday, Kidero’s legislature ordered that Sonko’s billboards be pulled down in 12 hours else the government would do so and bill the publicizing company.



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