New Confession; Matheri the Naivasha man-eater has made a new confession. This...

New Confession; Matheri the Naivasha man-eater has made a new confession. This will shock you


Matheri appeared in the news six years ago after making astonishing news all over social media being linked to a series of murders that were happening  in Naivasha.

The suspected serial killer who was named man-eater after confessing that he used to kill women and feed on their blood and body parts. However, Matheri made some new confession on Friday at a Nakuru High court claiming that the police fixed him and forced him into confessing to be involved in the deaths.

Matheri claimed that the police had threatened to kill him if he was to refuse being responsible of the killings.

“I was forced by police to confess that I was a serial killer.They issued me with death threats and told me to admit that I killed women and sucked their blood,” 

Matheri submitted his new confession to justice Maureen Odero. The murder suspect denied all his past confessions including the house which the police found the corpse which he had accepted that it belonged to him.

Matheri at Naivasha Maximum prison

“The house where corpses were recovered was not mine. I was only escorted to the crime scene by police,” he told the court.

Matheri also confessed that Bishop Jeremiah Parangyo of the New Hope for All Nations Church, whom he had accused of being his sponsor said that he was innocent.

In November 2014, Matheri was found guilty of kidnap and jailed for four years, which he is still serving at Naivasha Maximum prison. Witnesses from all his previous hearings named Matheri as a ruthless serial killer who kidnapped even school girls, murdered them and sucked their blood.

His next hearing resumes on May 6th, 2016.


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