Njambi Koikai Shares Her Pain and Journey Which Started at 13 Years

Njambi Koikai Shares Her Pain and Journey Which Started at 13 Years

Njambi Koikai is  one of the famous reggae celebrities in Kenya. Recently Njambi lost her job and she has been going through a lot.

The Trend panellist and former radio queen Njambi Koikai has lost her grandmother. Through a Facebook post, Faya Mama as she is popularly referred to wrote:

“My grandma, our mummy has passed on. May her soul Rest in Peace. This is painful. Pray for us all.”

Here is her story as she shared with the standard.
It started when I was 13-years-old and had my first period. I had boarded a bus and was on my way to school when the pain began. As we approached the Ambassador bus stop in town, the pain got so bad that I threw up on the person seated next to me.
The pain became so intense that I had to go back home, I could not make it to school.
My mother told me she and my grandmother had similar pains during their menses and I therefore needed to work my way around it. I tried every painkiller I could find and while they worked for a while, I would develop immunity to each drug after a short time.
I eventually sought professional help from a gynecologist and was put on contraceptives to help balance my hormones. Instead of getting better, my situation became worse. I would have a really good month and then the unbearable agony would ruin everything.
Some days at work, the pain would begin suddenly and that was it, I could not move or work anymore. It was however, not until my late twenties that the pain progressed to other parts of my body such that I would have pain in my ribs and shoulder area during my periods.
Then when I was 29, during one of those dreadful periods, my lungs collapsed, not once but three times within a span of few months. I had to have surgery. The third collapse was exactly five days after I had a second surgery. The doctor said we had to go back into the operation room but I refused. The second surgery had taken a toll on my body, I had lost 13kgs, my appetite was very low and I could not sleep. Paying for my surgeries and cancer treatment for my ailing grandmother really caused a dent in our finances as a family. I therefore started sharing my story online in order to raise money.
We at Waza wish her quick recovery.

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