Oh No Dear Ladies You Will Never Wear Human Hair After Seeing...

Oh No Dear Ladies You Will Never Wear Human Hair After Seeing This This Is Where Your Favorite Hair Comes From (photos).


Many Africans believe their hair is not suitable for styling and they opt for artificial hairs ‘wigs and weaves’.

But ladies be on the know from now hence forth about the sources of your preferred hair from your natural one.
According to the documentary “Hair India,” Hindu pilgrims have donated their hair at holy temples throughout Southern India for centuries in an attempt to purify themselves and repay debt to their Hindu gods.

india2Read their report below:

“When companies buy hair from the temple for as much as $700 per pound, it contains sweat, blood, and lice. “At the temple, some 650 barbers sit in lines on the concrete floor and tie the women’s hair into ponytails before cutting it off. Once the large portions of hair are removed, the barbers use a razor to shave each pilgrim’s head, before dousing their head with water to wash away any blood. “The women don’t know their shaved hair is later sold.


“A temple in Tirumala made £22million in a single year from the ‘mountains of black gold’ it received from local women. Once hair is collected, bought by companies, it’s transported (rolled up in huge bales like hay) by road and plane to factories, and distributed to workers as many as 350 per site to be processed. “There’s a lot of secrecy in the trade. Obtaining hair is not easy, and there’s a risk of it being stolen while in transit. “Hair is worth a lot of money it’s known in the industry as “black gold”.”

The first stage in the extension making process is to separate each hair, with women in a factory in China, pictured below, taking on the painfully slow and poorly paid job.

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