Petrol/kerosine now Join unga Milk And Sugar in the list of...

Petrol/kerosine now Join unga Milk And Sugar in the list of unaffordables Where Is The Economy Headed See This.


There’s still no good news for low income earners who are still coping with the hiking price of unga, after they were dealt a heavy blow on Sunday, May 15, after the prices of kerosene shot up by Sh0.90.

Motorists will also have to dig deeper into their pockets for an extra Sh1.59 over the next month according to the new fuel prices announced yesterday. Hustlers in Nairobi, , will have to chuck out Sh65.28 a litre for kerosene.

There was however relief in the manufacturing and transport industries as the price of diesel, largely used in commercial transport, farming and manufacturing, dipped by Sh0.57 in the monthly review by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

A litre of petrol in the capital will now go for Sh99.59 per litre, up from from Sh98.00 while diesel will trade at Sh88.05, down from Sh88.62. Kerosene now trades at Sh65.28, an increase from Sh64.38.

A litre of petrol will be cheapest in the coastal city of Mombasa where it will be pumped at Sh96.32 up from Sh94.73, diesel will retail at Sh84.79, which is a reduction from Sh85.63, while kerosene will retail at Sh62.52 up from Sh61.58 per litre.

Mandera residents will continue paying the highest price for the commodities in the country. thanks to their distance from the Port of Mombasa, where the commodity lands. Consumers of super petrol in the Northern Kenya town will now buy at new retail prices of Sh113.40, up from Sh111.96 per litre. Diesel will go for Sh101.86 from Sh102.56, and Kerosene will retail at Sh79.09 up from Sh78.29 per litre.

In Nakuru, a litre of super petrol will go for Sh100.32 up from the previous retail price of Sh98.89, while tractor owners in the sprawling farms will buy a litre of diesel at Sh88.98, down from Sh 89.68. Kerosene will be sold at Sh 66.15.


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