Pussified Kenyan Boy! ‘Umekaliwa Chapati Kijana’ If….. – Njoki Chege

Pussified Kenyan Boy! ‘Umekaliwa Chapati Kijana’ If….. – Njoki Chege

City-girl message to the Pussified-Kenyan-Boy

Just like the Dickmatized women, women who are under the control of the good voodoo wood, Men are also ‘pussified’ by the women’s voodoo punani, what we call ‘kukaliwa chapo’ nowadays, or ‘kuwekewa kamuti’ in some cases, the witchcraft to keep you in that p’ssy, thinking about that p’ssy, dreaming of that p’ssy, talking and feeding that p’ssy, not cheating on that p’ssy, is real! Am sure you’ve witnessed it on TV.

Men have silently got themselves trapped into the female vertical smile for life! And I shall tell you about it. You find some lame guy who gets lucky, gets the p’ssy he’s been hunting for ages going all looney when he finally dips it in the cookie jar, he cannot think for himself, he even starts asking for permission from his lady before going to take a dump. You find a guy who finally finds a strong dominant woman, a lady in the street and monster in bed and after he gets laid, his brain fails henceforth…and that’s when the woman take the man card and put it in HER purse, and the man becomes cabbage! Or that Ding’oing’o thing.

These pussy flogged men allow women to mentally, physically, and verbally abuse them just because they got some p’ssy and just because they will be compensated by the pussy. That’s why there is ‘maendeleo ya wanaume’ it’s a group of sissified men, who cannot sneeze in their homes for the fear of being stroked by the “man of the house”—I mean the women they married.
It’s usually not like this pussy is really great or magical coz; a good pussy to Johnny is a sloppy, slapdash, beat up pussy to Tom and Harry. It’s just a mental state, what and how the man thinks of the woman and or how the p’ssy is dominantly ‘served’ and most importantly how hard the humongous woman slaps and spanks her man when at it. The Whips and stones thing.

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