Raila is finished! See what the Maasai elders are planning to do...

Raila is finished! See what the Maasai elders are planning to do to him after his remarks at Ole Ntimama’s funeral


Barely a week after CORD leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta got head to head at Ntimama’s burial concerning who the Maasai’s would back in the 2017 polls,Maasai leaders have threatened to curse Raila over his remarks that alleged that the late William Ole Ntimama had called him to assure him that he was still in ODM.

The elders said that Raila’s claim of a private phone call with the deceased politician insinuated that Ntimama was a liar, given that he had on two occasions indicated his move to Jubilee and urged his community to follow suit.

“It is unfortunate Raila made false remarks about a man whom we know has a character of hard stance. According to the Maasai culture, when an elderly man dies, his last words spoken publicly stand; and no one should claim anything to the contrary,” said Julius ole Ntaiya, an elder quoted by eDaily.

“Even if it’s true that he spoke with Raila before his death, the late Ntimama would still have convened a meeting to communicate the change of political inclination”.

Daniel Kanchori, another elder said that the comments by Raila were disrespectful and meant to depict the Maasai community as ‘directionless’.

The elders further said that the CORD leader should seek forgiveness from Maasai elders, failure to which he would risk being cursed.



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