RED ALERT: Women, after sponsors spending on you they will definitely do...

RED ALERT: Women, after sponsors spending on you they will definitely do it RAW. See their well laid out plans


Women will do anything to make sponsors happy. However when the sponsors are done with them, they are dumped and dropped like a red-hot rod. Well, most ladies see a drastic change immediately they tell their aging sponsors that they are pregnant. These men start avoiding ladies like leprosy. Some, those without heart and are not loaded will send goons to collect everything he had bought for her from her house.
The sweet nothings she used to be called degenerate to soul-crashing insults. The lady will feel used, and depression will creep in-she is now pregnant with twins. Two innocent souls in her body ,a staggering self esteem and a consuming guilt. Nothing to show for it.
Everyone around thinks she is being punished by super natural powers for leaving her young and loving boyfriend in favor of that flashy sponsor in his late thirties.

The young boyfriend she dumped for this sponsor has however moved on but he still offers her a shoulder to lean on. He tells her that he still loves but she feels she doesn’t deserve him.

After nine months, two beautiful baby girls. She now has enough content to tell her young girls. She has double roles :to raise her daughters alone and to keep hyenas off her door fifteen years from now.
Modern hyenas are not puppies, so make sure the door is double locked!


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