‘Reke Tumanwo’ – (We separate) – Here are The Trending Comments After...

‘Reke Tumanwo’ – (We separate) – Here are The Trending Comments After David Ndii Article #ArrestNdii


Daily Nation columnist David Ndii has elicited some big debate after his trending article ‘Reke Tumanwo’ – (We better go our separate ways) which advocates for a separatist agenda into our tribal cocoons.

If you missed the article here it is from The Nation: Kenya is a cruel marriage, it’s time we talk divorce

According to Ndii the ties that keep us together have long been broken and instead of Kenyans waiting for violence in the next general elections its better we go our separate ways early.  Ndii says the Kenyan dream of diversity is broken as Kenyans will always vote along ethnic lines as demonstrated in all general elections since introduction of multi-party politics in 1992.

Here are some of the reactions of Kenyans using hashtag #ArrestNdii

is a reflection of how tribal we truly are, more so online.The elite exploit this to get your vote, yet many still vote for them

It’s better we part ways than be part of a country where we are treated as slaves while others as masters. ????

Ndii hs started a conversation none would be bold enough to talk about, Kenya has “Boss tribes” & “servant tribes” that’s a fact

Rather than start useless hashtags like , how about we engage in & finish the conversation he has started?

Ndii is has a twisted personality that plays into the fear of the marginalized and the minority. He is hellbent on division.

Before you advocate the clarion, please read Niemoller’s “First they came…”

Wait, is a thing? When Uhuru and Ruto confidently tell tribes to vote for them if they want development or shut up?

Why the hell should we split up Kenya? because Raila is perennial loser? He is just one guy!! Think again

From Facebook

You know the revolution has begun when there’s clamour for the arrest of intellectuals. I love the ‪#‎ArrestNdii‬ hash tag because it tells me the waiting will not be long.

Some screenshots

arrest-ndii arrest-ndii2


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