REVEALED; A doctor tells the importance of Female genital mutilation that will...

REVEALED; A doctor tells the importance of Female genital mutilation that will shock you to the bone


Kenya is on the fight against female genital mutilation which was practiced by our fore-fathers. Most tribes in Kenya have seen the light except for a few ones.

The Maasai still retain the ritual since they believed it is a rite of passage that transforms one from childhood to adulthood.

The Nyanza’s also still practice this on their girl, especially the Kisii’s. This is wrong and in-human to cut the female parts of any woman that makes them a live and feel.

A doctor from Migori however agrees with such traditional acts claiming that female genital mutilation was a good way of helping loose women who get horny all the time since it kills libido.

The doctor also noted other communities like the Kuria who used to cut their girls to ensure that their women did not cheat on their husbands.

 “In the olden days, the Kuria were largely a pastoral community and our forefathers used to go for months in search of pasture. Polygamy was common.  Most men had more than four wives. One was allowed to marry as many wives as he wished, as long as he was able take care of them. Now, imagine coming back home to four horny women?”

The doctor went on and said that this ensured faithfulness in marriages due to their low libido.

Unfortunately, the doctor, Robi only preaches What he does not personally agrees with. He admitted that the act was barbaric and he could not allow any of his daughters to go through such an experience.


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