Don’t Blame It On IEBC!! CORD Incompetence Ruined Okoa Kenya Referendum

Don’t Blame It On IEBC!! CORD Incompetence Ruined Okoa Kenya Referendum


Cord botched its own Okoa Kenya referendum. Major internal defects, glaring collection loopholes, turf wars between the secretariat and experts and incompetence among the officials botched the whole scheme.

“Truth be told. Okoa Kenya initiative experts were a disaster par excellence. Everything they touched turned black,”

Senator Mutula Kilonzo junior posted on Twitter.

One of the submitted “signatures” was the scribble of a rhino.

The operation was a self-inflicted disaster, according to several sources detailing numerous problems and missed opportunities to correct them. IEBC declared that the initiative to amend the constitution was dead. Valid signatures were only 891,598 out of a total of 1.6 million submitted.

The commission blamed Cord for failing to meticulously adhere to legal requirements for signature collection and verification. Most booklets were signed by one person, it said.

Cord said the IEBC and Jubilee played political by colluding to sabotage its referendum bid to give more power to counties but the mayor fact that only a 50% of the signatures were valid and verified, it means Cord were inefficient.

Okoa Kenya secretariat was initially headed by engineer Carey Orege, then Cord leader Raila Odinga brought in Nairobi-based logistics expert George Mboya last October. That was an effort to end internal wars already undermining the process. A Committee of Experts was then established to draft the petition and guide secretariat staff on requirements of verification to ensure all stages were above board.


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