REVEALED; The untold story of Radio King Maina Kageni and his mother.

REVEALED; The untold story of Radio King Maina Kageni and his mother.

Maina Kageni is definitely a radio icon loved by many, and despite his undeniable love for radio, he too has had his fair share of challenges in life.
Just recently, the celebrated radio presenter revealed that after his final exams at Laiser Hill School, his mum flew him to the UK for his college education. However, Maina did not even register in college but rather started working as a truck driver and a fish distributor for a Chinese company in the UK without her mother’s knowledge.
His mum would keep sending money for his education and when time for his graduation came, she flew to the UK to his college to surprise her son.

Maina‚Äôs mum was met with a rude shock when she learnt that her son’s name was not among those graduating and shocking enough, his son had never been registered at the college.

His mum was angered by his son’s move distancing himself from him and even warned him never to come back to her home in Kenya. Maina however came back home a few months later, and surprisingly landed his first television job and as they say, the rest is history.
Today, Maina is regarded one of the highest earning media personalities and the wealthiest even without college education


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