REVEALED; These are the 5 reasons you should not date campus girls....

REVEALED; These are the 5 reasons you should not date campus girls. These will shock you even more


Campus girls are often referred to as cheap and trashy ladies who will host themselves like pests on older men, commonly referred to as sponsors to maintain lavish lifestyles.

Their reckless behavior is untamed, jumping from one man to another other than their official boyfriends.

However, not all ladies are like that but research shows that 90% of campus girls have more than one partner. That said, these gentlemen from A.D family reveal it all. The men caution other guys out there who get mesmerized by the incredible beauty these campus ladies posses.

Their irresistible fashion sense and looks make even the few faithful men fall in their temptations. Warning, these girls according to A.D family are manipulative, dangerous and cunning.

1. They are conniving ladies
These women have mastered the art of conning. They are con women shielded by their occupations as students, no offense. Campus girls are sweet but very tricky.

2. They are careless
Campus girls do not care about anything. They live in the moment, and whatever they do is have fun because they strongly believe in the ‘You only live once’ and they sure do that.

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