“She’s Ugly”, NBA Player Hates On Lupita Nyong’o… Right On Her Face...

“She’s Ugly”, NBA Player Hates On Lupita Nyong’o… Right On Her Face Again!


It seems as if ex NBA player Gilbert Arenas has an issue with Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. She posted a photo of herself vacationing in Mexico with her beautiful skin just glistening in the sun, but Arenas had something negative to say about her.

“Everybody saying her skin looks beautiful, how about her face tho? Lights off”

In response to fans who insisted that Lupita is everything, he continued on with the stupidity:

“Y’all tag me like she got a face lift and she went from a 3 to a 10……nope she’s just a 3 in blue water with some blue blockers on.”

“This is no diff then a ugly girl with a fat a**,” he continued. “I’ll still beat but just with the lights off but she is glowing tho.”

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Arenas has tried to come for Lupita without being sent for. Last year he was dragged to hell and back for writing this on Instagram:

“Not to be funny, but can you name a beautiful black woman on the outside … not brown skinned … but Tyrese black. …When you have African features black then u have number#1 lupita n’yongo and she’s cute when the lights are off. Second you have (Ajuma Naseyana ) Sorry but ewwwww… so the black beautiful women you boost up is technically light skinned or brown skinned.”

But he had barked up the wrong tree. No sooner had he gone public with his comments that Lupita fans swarmed all over him, attacking the basketballer and his daughters. Arenas is married to a white woman, however, his daughters look more like him and people went on the photos of his daughters to call them ugly and mock Arenas for having the guts to call another black woman ugly when his daughters are no better.


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