Shock: Willy Paul Quits Gospel for Secular Music. Find out why

Shock: Willy Paul Quits Gospel for Secular Music. Find out why


Wilson Abubakar Radido aka Willy Paul a renown award winning gospel artist is done singing about the Lord. He now wants to venture into secular music full time. Following weeks of deliberation during which Willy Paul carefully considered what sort of music he wanted to pursue, the singer announced on Monday that he wants to be Kenya’s Vybz Kartel.

As much as you and I are surprised by this move, some says they speculated it actually it has taken longer than expected. The boy is seen by many as a selfish, hot-headed arrogant douche-bag who holds the unique distinction of being equally hated by his fellow gospel artistes.

“I weighed the pros and cons of Dancehall Music, and ultimately I decided that it was the right thing for me. Not many Kenyan artistes are doing it. People just listen to kina Konshens and Alkaline. I figured I would easily come in and conquer. Si mnajua venye mimi ni talented. Na kwanza the best way to move forward in life is always to think in ways that others are not. And to those who say only Jamaican artistes can do Reggae and Dancehall, you are wrong. Look at Lucky Dube. He was South African but he is still considered a legend”, He told a source

The 23- year old singer admitted that he was fully aware of the negative consequences associated with choosing the secular way. He claimed that he was now prepared to go through life struggling with rejection, intolerance, and unprovoked hostility. He is confident in that controversy isn’t something new to him. He has been criticized so many times before and he’s used to it

In addition, Willy confirmed that he opted for Dance-hall despite very serious concerns about losing the guidance of the Lord and a lack of acceptance from some.

“Of course, I wasn’t certain of anything at first, but when I finally made up my mind to be go the Jamaican route, I was conscious of the fact that some humans would repeatedly tell me that I’m not normal. But ukweli ni gospel imejaa watu sana siku hizi. Pia nimechoka kufight na bro yangu Bahati about nani ndio mkali. Wacha abaki gospel na mimi niende Dance-hall.”



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