SHOCKING; Did Nameless steal this from Mr Lenny? Find out what it...

SHOCKING; Did Nameless steal this from Mr Lenny? Find out what it was


Nameless is a top celebrity who is celebrated in Kenya today. People love him as much as they love his music. The guy has stayed relevant maintaining his thousands of fans who can’t get enough of him.

He is doing well in the entertainment industry and has managed to make time for his family. However, Nameless once pissed off his friend Mr Lenny after he stole something from him.

This is what happened. Mr Lenny who went away from doing music recently came back with the Randaranda song which he did with Visita.

However, people know him from his hit song Leo from back in the day. Lenny started music through a friend called Kiama and formed a group together. While hustling, the two boys called themselves Nameless (they are the original owners of the name).

They finally got a chance for an interview on Capital FM. before they could release their first song. While on the interview, the radio station asked upcoming artistes to compete.

David Mathenge won the competition but he did not have a stage name. So he told the host that he was nameless, and that’s how the name stuck. Lenny and his friend now became nameless since their stage name had been taken. Later, the two buried the hatchet and became best of friends.


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