SHOCKING; As Man with breasts is accused of being a Witch

SHOCKING; As Man with breasts is accused of being a Witch


Nigeria will never cease to amaze us Africans. The West African country has hit the internet with photos of a middle aged man in church with large breasts. You can easily mistake him for a woman.

The unidentified man seed disturbed and the people around him have placed microphone on him probably for an interview. Though the real gender is not identified, the shaken man is said to have been involved in witchcraft.

Nigeria is known for witchcraft and sorcery than any other African country in the continent. The pictures posted by Faith Olu Akio on Facebook who captioned

“He was arrested by the Holy Spirit in a crusade. Witch craft agent, he’s a man. Please girls be very careful with the type of guys or men you follow or sleep with, some are not real men, be careful same to the men”



Another Facebook user “This is simply hormonal problems. This can be cured by regular hormonal injection treatment. We need more health info to get along and know what to do”.fai3_25032016


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