Shocking revelation of where prophet of God Dr.Owuor gets his funding! This...

Shocking revelation of where prophet of God Dr.Owuor gets his funding! This will scare you out of salvation


Kenyans have always wondered where Prophet Owuor derives his massive wealth to finance his fuel guzzlers, flashy lifestyle and his crusades now that he’s the only pastor who does not ask for offering from any church member in all his branches countrywide.

Sources close to him indicate that the controversial prophet is funded by an American organization named, John Templeton Foundation, which is associated with the famous cult popularly known as illuminati. The foundation also funds top political leaders and businessmen across the world but the funding doesn’t come that easy – You have to be accompanied by its representatives who monitors all your activities always.

Credible sources also indicate that Owuor is among the top members of John Templeton Foundation who have made the biggest impact in Africa over the past one year. As a result, he received a bonus of over 500,000 dollars for his efforts. This is part of the money he has been using to maintain his flashy lifestyle and fuel guzzlers seen in his “prayer rallies”

Surprisingly, he receives over 200,000 dollars from the foundation each month.

Just last week, one of his former Personal Assistants recently revealed that all his miracles are stage-managed and meant to attract more donors. Last year, about ten young children disappeared mysteriously during a Sunday service in his church and they have never been found.

His former Personal Assistant also revealed that Owuor doesn’t pray neither does he read the bible, proving that he is not a true man of God.

As the Bible says, “God’s people perish for lack of wisdom.”

There you have it.

Credit: TrendingnewsKenya


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  • Geoffrey Mongare

    Gossip will take you to hell. May God forgive you

  • Gilbert

    Hell is real and many people are screaming right now in hell begging for one more chance to come to earth to repent while some on earth are busy spreading lies and false rumors against the mighty end times prophet of God sent to prepare the bride of Christ for eternal life the truth about prophet Owour can be found through this website