SHOCKING: Woman Gives Birth to a Ball of Hair After 10Months of...

SHOCKING: Woman Gives Birth to a Ball of Hair After 10Months of Pregnancy


A 26-year-old Zambian woman from Luwingu District has left many shocked after she gave birth to threads of hair. Luwingu District Medical Officer Earnest Mutale revealed that the woman carried the pregnancy for 10 months before giving birth to pure hair and blood.

Marvice, who is already a mother of two children, was baffled when she found out that her womb yielded a ball of hair  because she used to feel the ‘baby’ kicking in her womb.

Dr Mutale revealed that Marvice Mwape of Kapisha village was referred to Luwingu District Hospital after she gave birth to something that looked Brazilian hair at Chikoyi Rural Health Centre.

Luwingu District Medical Officer said Ms Mwape attended ante-natal clinics regularly, but the medical records showed no irregularities throughout her pregnancy.

The medical team suspected Marvice had a molar pregnancy but after several check-ups, results showed that it was not. Marvice Mwape was admitted at Luwingu Hospital after medical observation to make sure she does not have any more hair in her womb.

The condition which led to Ms Mwape giving birth to hair is yet to be explained in medical terms.


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