‘Size 8 is a good person at heart’ Former TV personality who...

‘Size 8 is a good person at heart’ Former TV personality who went to the same high school with popular celebrities speaks for the first time. See this


Controversial ex-TV girl Elizabeth Irungu is better known for her nature to speak her mind without caring of the consequences.

Irungu made headlines in the past year attacking celebrities and top politicians. Now, Elizabeth has revealed to us something that we probably didn’t know about her high school experience.

See what she said about popular celebrities from gospel singer Size 8, news anchor Jacque Maribe to many other popular celebrities.

See this;
1)Size 8 (while i was a mono at State Hse girls, she was in form 3.She later left for Hillcrest & i left for Parklands)- Really Nice girl though.Linet is a truly clean hearted girl tangu enzi za chuo! She’s not faking it for the cameras at all! Yeh tu ni kadem kapoa hivyo naturally!

8size9_260820162)Edith Kimani previously of K.T.N (State Hse girls too) I was a mono, she was in Form 2.Very laid back girl.Really chilled.

edith1_60720163)Jackie Maribe (i think spelt “Jacque”)- Alikuwa beste ya Edith chuo.Quiet girl too.Very mature for her age.Mdem ametulia.

jacque6_30820164)Toxic (still State Hse girls) uuuummmmm, huyu uuuummmm she was not a bad girl per say just alittle too hyper! Akili yake haikuwa shule.Ilikuwa club 😉 And I say that on a light note! Bloggers do not start with me!!! All I am saying is she was alittle too jumpy for her age! Alittle too “mjuaji”! Wale madem huvaa skirt tight sana chuo.Skirt alittle too short for school!

5)Brenda Mwai-Now this one was in Parklands Girls High school (after i transferred from Statoe) I was in Form 2 she was a year older Form 3! Very cool girl!!!! And pretty too! :* kasupuu sana! (Or maybe I say that only coz we kinda look alike hehehe *insert evil laughter here*) 😉

***So there is your doze of moshene!!! If you went to high school with me (and maybe u might remember me from school), kindly remind me below who I might have forgotten in my list above 🙂 ….


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