So touching: The late Nichola Biwott’s children speak about their father in...

So touching: The late Nichola Biwott’s children speak about their father in ways no one else knew


On Tuesday July 11, 2017 former Cabinet Secretary and Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott was pronounced dead while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.

Biwott collapsed while in his home and died when he was in hospital. During his memorial service which was held for at AIC Milimani in Nairobi on Tuesday, July 18 his children had a lot to say about their father.

tribute3Many knew Biwott as a mysterious man and not all were saddened by his death, in fact social media went ahead trolling him since he was linked to the death of Robert Ouko.

Now, no one knew the ‘Total man’ better than his children and this is what each had to say:

Maria – Thank you for giving me your mother’s name. Thank you for the lunch dates, the love, the mentorship and important the TIME. Thank you for the memories. You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.

Manu – Dad would walk into the office to find me working on my computer and he’d say “Hiyo computer yako inakuambia nini leo…?” My dad never understood how people today relied so much on computers. He was always practical and tagged me along whenever he wanted me to learn something he was doing. I enjoyed how he taught me how to do things, at times he would tell me to listen to someone whom he knew was the best. When I wasn’t receptive to his ideas or when I thought I knew better, he would tell me “fuata yangu…” which he would explain by saying “I’m only telling you this because I care!’

Gloria – Whenever I rang my dad he would answer by singing “Gloria in Excelsis, Deo…” setting the mood for conversation and instantly my face would beam. Whenever he suspected that I’m troubled about a thing, he would start singing “whatever will be will be…” effortlessly singing my anxiety away.

tribute1Klara – I was once anxious about the launch of a project. I remember Daddy saying, “Klara, this is your time to shine, don’t let anything or anyone steal your glory.” We all know he had a way with words. Like magic he could calm you down, regenerate your spirit and confidence, all while reminding you to believe in yourself. I’ll miss you Daddy – beyond words!

Rita – You told me that I am your medicine. It was you who made me strong. Thank you so much.

Rhoda – When I was a baby and he was a student in Melbourne, he used to study with me on his lap. And 50 years later, two weeks ago, while he was in hospital we sat together laughing while watching Jemutai of Churchill live on YouTube.

Esther – You were a very fascinating man and a man of great wisdom. I learn so much from you – the way you simplified complex issues and form solutions where none seemed to exist, the way you stayed above negativity and pettiness and always maintained your objectivity, your attention to detail and ability to stay the course on any issue that mattered, your ability to be strong and cool-headed in the face of adversity, your immense generosity and your visionary leadership. I will forever be grateful for your example.


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