Sponsors: Orie Rogo-Manduli advises girls to look for jobs and ditch the...

Sponsors: Orie Rogo-Manduli advises girls to look for jobs and ditch the sponsors.


Orie Rogo-Manduli, politician turned activist spoke out on his views on a subject that is trending – how Kenyan women are cheap and enslaved to the notions that Nigerian men are the ideal package.

The glamorous and bold Manduli went on and said that Kenyan women have greed for money and that has made the foreigners aware of their weaknesses, using them to their muse and satisfactions.

Orie Rogo who was once married to a Zambian man said that, our women are cheap and buried in the so-called notions that Kenyan men are not romantic.

Manduli also advised young women to get a life and know their worth and purpose in life. The fluent, Manduli also believes that there are good Kenyan men  out there who know how to treat women but first, women should know how to treat themselves.

Additionally, our own Shaffie Weru believes that Kenyan women are loose and blinded by luxuries that these foreigners are willing to offer which at times turns ugly.

The heated conversations on Kenyan women and foreigners are the talk of the city after the unending dramas that reveal themselves everyday on social media.


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