“Stop Pretending Yet You Grew Up In Eldoret” Fans Blast Anita Nderu...

“Stop Pretending Yet You Grew Up In Eldoret” Fans Blast Anita Nderu After Murdering Swahili During An Interview (VIDEO)


Its obvious many people may fail to a understand some languages but in Kenya at list everyone is expected to be familiar or either be eloquent in Kiswahili as it is the national language but some people tend to pretend or maybe they don’t understand it at all and one Anita Nderu is a good example.

So Mr. Githeri Man spit his Eastlands Sheng and Anita was evidently struggling to catch up, her Swahili proved to be similar to that of foreign celebrity guests who appear on the show and Larry goes on to challenge them on how much of the language they have learnt since landing.

Negatives comments from fans have not stopped streaming on social media since Anita performed atrocities to the beautiful language.

In her defence, Anita said to the fans via the social media that she grew up in Eldoret and has never ever been exposed to the national language. That excuse backfired badly on her.

Here’s what people said:

“You grew up in Eldy, right? I don’t get how you can’t speak Swahili. As in even intonation? Makes no sense,” a fan said.

Kajenny ka ndagu: Rusungu sio mdomo changu nachukia hivo Sana…nkt.

Hannah Smirnoff: Excruciating cringe worthy interview. On behalf of all Kenyans who live Swahili language, I would like to apologise for her inexcusable poor command of the language, I was not born in Kenya but I speak better Swahili than this chav. most of my Swahili I learnt it online and from YouTube and I am still working on improving it to perfection. Does she know Prince William (the son of late Princess Diana) can speak Swahili? I bet this woman is..

Syombua Wa Kanyu: Hai, she’s pretending to be foreign? How can you not know Swahili or learn it? But wait utaskia she’s learning French, Spanish.. shameful. It’s a national language.

Fila nike: Eish Anita is singing in Swahili that is not talking bana.

Watch the interview below:

Watch Anita perform atrocity to the beatiful language:


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