Take 5; Ladies, 5 clear signs that he isn’t in love with...

Take 5; Ladies, 5 clear signs that he isn’t in love with you; No. 1 is the most common


Relationships are said to be a two way traffic, love has to be mutual in any working relationship but at times the person we love is not the person who love us.

Unrequited love can be hard to bear. And instead of wasting months or years hoping of something that might not be, here are signs that your lover is not in to you:

  1. You are desperately searching for the signs

This is among the most obvious signs that the man you love doesn’t love you back. If you find yourself looking for signs to prove he does love you then he probably isn’t in to you. If a man is sincerely in love with you, you will not need to look for evidence.

  1. He doesn’t accommodate your family or friends

If the man you are in a relationship with becomes busy when you have to introduce him to your family or friends or a family function, then the guy has not yet accommodated you in his life. He might not be in love with you if he feels it hard to do.

  1. He neglects you

Among the things a man gives to his woman when he is madly in love with her is his affects as well as his time. If you are in a relationship with a man who you barely see, now, that might be the time to call it quits. Even the busiest of men are known to create time for the women they love.

  1. You are a secret

Is your relationship a huge secret your man keeps? If  yes, then that man isn’t in love with you. A man in love is proud to be associated with his woman. He owns his choices no matter the consequences.

  1. He doesn’t support your dreams

One of those things a man has to do when looking forward to the future is to support your dreams. If you notice that the man you are in a relationship with doesn’t support your dreams, chances are he isn’t in love with you.


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