‘Team mafisi’ member gets arrested and locked up for flirting with a...

‘Team mafisi’ member gets arrested and locked up for flirting with a lady


Kenyans on social media are up in arms especially  men after a member of ‘team mafisi’ flirted with a lady via sms and got arrested and charged in a court of law.

‘Team mafisi’ members are  angered by below charge sheet of a guy who tried to flirt with a lady using a text message only to get arrested.

According to social media reports the lady in question, Eunice had lost her husband few days ago, which can explain why she was mad, but its believed the lady in question is hot and the ‘Team mafisi’ member wanted his intentions known earlier before other ‘mafisi’ tried their luck.

The young man appeared before Githunguri law courts to answer to misuse of telecommunication gadget charges but the court discharged him since it found nothing offensive with the text message. Below is message.

“Hai madam mm imebidi nikwambie ukweli wangu nasi kwa ubaya sawa pliz nasitaki nikukasirishe mimi ukiniongelesha haki mm naona 2 urembo wako mbaka nachisika wacha nikwambie ukweli mm nakupenda sana 2 na mm nakutaka nausiniogope sawa madam. Haki nimeshidwa kufumilia ikabidi nikwambie ukweli uwamusi nakwachia wewe sawa madam. Bay lala poa”,

Here is the court charge sheet

Photos Courtesy


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