The Trend Show Host, Larry Madowo Badly Busted by KFCB CEO for...

The Trend Show Host, Larry Madowo Badly Busted by KFCB CEO for Calling Him ‘Mshamba’


Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has picked-up a ‘fight’ with Larry Madowo after the NTV journalist roasted him on the Trend last night for his ‘rural mentality’.

Ezekiel Mutua was the topic of discussion on The Trend last night as Larry and other panelists made fun of him. Ezekiel had posted photos of him enjoying a business class flight on social media.

Larry also took issues with the KFCB boss over his post and decided to make him a subject of discussion on the Trend. Ezekiel didn’t wait and hit back at Larry wondering how his Facebook post was even relevant to be discussed on national TV:

“THE TREND ON NTV: Ok, now this is journalism at another level. For 10 minutes the Larry Madowo panel is discussing KFCB, twisting my facebook posts and KFCB action on Coca Cola “Taste – the – feeling ” advert to suit their agenda. Well, BIG DEAL: KFCB has had ten long minutes of prime time publicity and this post could also be subject of more publicity. My post about what God has done to me remains on my facebook page. And if praising God on fb is bragging and will get me this kind of publicity, then keep it here FOR I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL. . .

But while at it, Coca Cola has fully complied. The ad has been edited in line with our request and in their letter to KFCB Coca Cola has restated their commitment to family values in their communication to consumers. Now, that is responsible corporate behaviour!”

Ezekiel went on to reveal the plane he was flying in was the Presidential jet which retired president Kibaki had allowed him to fly when he sent him on a mission.

“Talking of praising God in Business Class and VIP lounges, let me give Larry Madowo and his panel of experts more evidence: this was during the Kibaki regime, just before the 2013 general election that brought the Jubilee government to power. The then President Mwai Kibaki entrusted me and the former minister for Cooperative Development Joe Nyagah with his plane. Joe and I had been sent by Kibaki with a goodwill message to five Presidents in the region. We were nearing the 2013 general election and our neighbours were afraid that there could be a post election violence in Kenya and that that could affect the flow of goods to those countries. The President sent “his trusted men” to assure our neighbours that Kenya had put mechanisms in place to avert the 2007/8 like PEV, that the elections would be peaceful and that they would continue to get uninterrupted services through the port of Mombasa and our roads across the borders. So there we were flying from one capital to another and holding serious meetings with Heads of State. So Larry Madowo I am not seeing these things at KFCB. I have been to White House, I have visited nearly all the major capitals of the world and I have used nearly all major airlines on business and even first class. NOW SHOULD A BOY FROM A VILLAGE IN MWALA NOT PRAISE GOD FOR ALL THIS?”

Check out photos of Ezekiel on the business class flight


Blogger Nyakundi also had something to say about the business class flight.



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