This is what you didn’t know about the much hyped Tecno Phantom...

This is what you didn’t know about the much hyped Tecno Phantom 6


Mobile phone lovers are still in excitement over the released Tecno Phantom 6 that has taken over the mobile markets, and as expected, the Tecno Phantom 6 did not disappoint as its features have proven it to be a state of the art android smartphone.

Here are just some of the unique features of Tecno Phantom6:

Improved levels of security: With the increase of cyber crime and internet hacks, it’s important, now more than ever, that devices be well protected.  Phantom 6 comes with an iris scanner improving the security of your phone.

Contain USB type-C ports: Surprisingly, the Phantom 6 will be the first Tecno device to not use the USB micro B. Instead, it will use the smaller, faster and more powerful USB type-C.

It also has a large memory space of up to 32GB expandable to 128GB giving you adequate space with a RAM of 3GB, quite effective for fast surfing and easier gaming.

Large battery capacity of up to 2700mAH to give you lasting power for hours.

Being a dual mobile phone, the exciting part of having a phone with a super speed of up to 2.0Ghz is its capability to support swift surfing speeds as it also has 4G LTE.

It has a state of the art camera of 18MP for the back camera and 8MP for the front camera.

The phantom 6 also comes in different colors of Champagne Gold, Gold & Silver

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