Uhuru vs Raila: A comparison of 2013 and 2017 county numbers

Uhuru vs Raila: A comparison of 2013 and 2017 county numbers


Kenyans are still waiting patiently for the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to release the final tally.

It’s been an election like no other, at least according to what pundits said during electioneering period due to the high stakes involved.

Uhuru Kenyatta_William Ruto_Meru

Uhuru was doing all he could not to be the country’s first one-term President, while Raila Odinga’s was fighting the political battle of his life aka ‘one bullet’, meaning he was having one last shot at presidency after three failed attempts.

That saw both Jubilee Party and the National Super Alliance (NASA) strategising to capture regions where they lost in the previous elections -2013. So how did they fair?

Well, a closer look at unofficial results from IEBC shows Jubilee’s strategy worked like a charm.

Raila Odinga_Kalonzo Musyoka_Uhuru Park

Out of the 13 counties that were considered swing regions, President Uhuru Kenyatta won seven while Opposition leader Raila Odinga bagged six although the incumbent still got impressive numbers there as well.

In 2013, Uhuru won only two of these counties – Isiolo and Kajiado. He also managed to increase his support in counties where Raila beat him square in the previous poll.

That explains why President Kenyatta is leading in the provisional presidential results. Currently (Wednesday, August 8, 2:01pm), Uhuru has 8,083,859 votes (54.29%) against Raila’s 6,675,523 (44.83%). A total of 40,031 stations have submitted their numbers out of the total 40,883.

Below is a summary of the comparison between the 2013 and 2017 County outcome in the presidential race:

2017: Raila: 278,901, Uhuru:122, 100
2013: Raila 185,419, Uhuru: 42,988

Trans Nzoia:
2017: Raila: 127,042: Uhuru: 106,409
2013:Raila: 92,035, Uhuru: 74,466

2017: Raila 210,305, Uhuru:163,928
2013: Raila:236,831, Uhuru: 95,596

2017: Raila: 809,298, Uhuru: 766,449
2013: Raila: 691,156, Uhuru: 659,490

2017: Uhuru: 43,943, Raila: 41,597
2013: Raila 44,724, Uhuru 41,672

2017: Uhuru 48,341, Raila 41,837
2013: Raila: 49,712, Uhuru: 38,927

2017: Uhuru: 100,658, Raila: 89,638
2013: Uhuru: 54,071, Raila: 121,590

2017: Uhuru: 48,341, Raila:41,837
2013: Raila: 49,712, Uhuru 38,927

2017: Uhuru: 43,943, Raila: 41,597
2013: Raila: 44,724, Uhuru: 41,672

2017:Uhuru: 48,341, Raila’s 41,837
2013: Raila: 49,712, Uhuru: 38,927

2017: Uhuru:140,903, Raila: 122,126
2013: Raila: 118,623, Uhuru: 109,413

2017: Uhuru: 86,222, Raila: 14,932
2013: Raila: 43,843, Uhuru: 42,407


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