Uhurus Expensive Mansion Almost Complete After He Moved Out Years Back For...

Uhurus Expensive Mansion Almost Complete After He Moved Out Years Back For Its Reconstruction (photos)


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Sh700 million (a figure believed to be greatly understated) ultra-modern fortress that shares a fence with State House, is nearing completion and will be occupied soon.

President Kenyatta is reportedly itching to move back into his house, where he can host large private delegations without much scrutiny as opposed to the ‘public’ State House where he now meets all his guests, before the August 8 General Election.

According to an article by a local daily, Uhuru has requested a large lounge to accommodate many guests and delegations that would visit him privately.

The new structure will be a state-of-the-art residence protected by formidable physical barriers and unmatched latest technology, the Star reports.

Among features that put the new home a mile ahead of its like include a reinforced concrete wall, high-tech electric fence, bulletproof windows and a state-of-the-art alarm system, just to name but a few. It will also have a 24-hour GSU protection.

The First Family moved out of their private home in early 2015 to allow for major renovation. President Kenyatta however saw it better to demolish the iconic house he inherited from his father and build a new one.

The double-storeyed mansion is said to be funded privately but all security features are designed by government experts.

Take a look at the satellite image from Google Maps show that indeed the ultra-stylish President’s new home is indeed in place.

uhurus mansion


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