Used condoms, used sanitary pads and dirty panties are just but a...

Used condoms, used sanitary pads and dirty panties are just but a few ingredient of the chang’aa you take see this!


You might be taking more than just alcohol in your body. Meru town has caused alarm over the demolition of illicit brew that has left most residents afraid of the drink that they enjoy on daily basis.

The Interior Principal Secretary, Karanja Kibicho who led the capture in Meru was among the people who were shocked to see the key ingredients used to make the illicit drink.

The tanks that were poured came out with everything unimaginable and extremely disgusting paraphernalia like used condoms, dirty women underwear and used sanitary pads.

The PS had to use the ingredients to illustrate and show the residents the kind of drinks they were taking as a warning.

Illicit brewing has been rampant in Central province leading to death cases and family feuds.

This raised alarm and concern from both the government and residents especially women who are directly affected by these cheaply made alcoholic drinks.

However, the government is still on with the fight against these illicit brews and improvements have been seen in some areas which were equally affected.

On top of that, the PS also mentioned that  he would ban molasses and yeast in the region to reduce the preparations of such brews. Though this may not serve as a solution it is worth the try.


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