VIDEO: ‘Hague si ya mamako’ When Uhuru was caught on camera telling...

VIDEO: ‘Hague si ya mamako’ When Uhuru was caught on camera telling Raila


ICC cases are over. Kenyan are celebrating, except for the internally displaced persons who still in the camps.  Since the names were announced Kenyans have seen a lot of things happening especially from the Ocampo 6 and their supporters.

One female Member of Parliament from Central Kenya threatened to strip n*****d if Uhuru would be jailed, another Kenyan said that he will block the plane that would be carrying Uhuru to the Hague.

The politicians on the other side kept on blaming each other and accusing the opponents of sending them to the Hague. In one instance Uhuru was caught on Camera saying that Raila was behind their woes adding that Raila should be in the Hague and he was wrong thinking that Hague belongs to his mother.

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