“Walikudharau” King Of Letters Jalango Pens Down A Letter To Governor Elect...

“Walikudharau” King Of Letters Jalango Pens Down A Letter To Governor Elect Mike Sonko Here Is The Message He Have For Him.


Seems Mr funny known as jalas is in an open letter writing  mood he started off with a letter to baba the president githeri man and now the Hot 96 breakfast show co-host is now focusing his energies closer below, he is now speaking to the Nairobi Governor-elect Mike Sonko.

mike sonko

Congratulations aside, Jalas, by the virtue that he too is a Nairobian, has a number of things laid out to for flambo politician whose political struggles and triumphs play like a scene from Slumdog Millionaire. The comic’s expectations are similar to ones by those who call this great city home.

Top on the list being getting rid of garbage and traffic jam.

Here’s the letter:

“Dear Mr. Governor Sonko

@julianigram sang a song and said “walikudharau….whos laughing now….ahahahahha….walikudharau …Who is laughing now!” Yes you are laughing now you are Governor 047!
Yours has been the most incredible journey ever…one of the most almost untrue rollercoaster ride ever! You can still hear the doubting Thomases asking and whispering “ati who is the Governor Nairobi? Sonko…sonko won?” They will have to belive and deal with it! It is either they accept or miss the ship!
I like how you always make yourself ready! When they asked about your academics you decided to go to school and graduated! When they asked about your looks you shaved your head clean dropped your jeans got in your suit and was ready to work! Kudos! God’s time is the best and whoever he decides to bless he blesses the abundantly! All those names they called You! Drug dealer, convict , hooligan are now behind You! You are Nairobi 047!

I can see you’ve started working cleaning the city I hope it’s just not the thrill but what you want to do in the next 5 years! I know you are a travelled man and you can make Nairobi the cleanest city in Africa! Let’s Fix Nairobi!
As a resident of this city all I need is a clean ,safe and a city that can offer me opportunities! I hear Nairobi is a maasai word for clean or cool waters funny how taps are dry!
Traffic…sonko traffic… I said Traffic! Deal with this menace ! If you fix this Nairobi will never forget you. You have the best support team with an equally intelligent DG Mr. Igathe and with the support from Nairobian’s you can prove all your critics wrong!
This is your chance to show us what a great leader you are and remember that you are not Jubilee governor but Nairobi Gov.
Good luck Mr .Governor!”



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