Was Millie Odhiambo right to call Uhuru stupid, ‘fisi’ and ‘mshenzi?? Yes...

Was Millie Odhiambo right to call Uhuru stupid, ‘fisi’ and ‘mshenzi?? Yes she was, this is why


This is a question lingering in the minds of most Kenyans, some have already found answers while others are still struggling to find any answer. Well, there is an to this question.

Hon Millie was absolutely right to call the president stupid, I know most people will be frowning at my statement while others will be struggling to relate the events that took place today at the parliament buildings and the president. To those absolving the president from blame allow me to jog your mind a little bit.

In this country there is what is called the National Security Council chaired by the president and among the members are the minister for interior coordination and the Inspector general, there was a heavy police deployment around the parliament and for a deployment of such magnitude to be made, the IG must give the order and of course the IG must consult the chairman of the NSC who happens to be the president, so we are right to claim that the deployment had the blessings of the head of state.

Secondly, the heavy deployment was unnecessary and uncalled for since none of the opposition chiefs had called for a mass action, the heavy presence of the police made things to look like someone was trying to take over parliament and so it had to be guarded heavily, no citizen had the motive to disrupt parliament proceedings ,in fact, some were not even aware of it.

It is also not right for the government that rode to power on a digital platform to resort to manual voting system, it is stupid for a government that called Rt Hon Raila Amollo Odinga analogue to claim that he is planning to rig elections using technology, did this old analogue fellow become a digital guru in a span of four years? Do they mean that Raila is now more advanced than the youthful government in terms technology?

If Mr Aden Duale previous statements are anything to go by,i find myself inclined to believe that the government is resorting to manual system suddenly because they fear the devices can be manipulated by the opposition, that is also very stupid.

So yes the government is stupid and who is the leader of government? Of course that’s the president!!!! So Hon Millie was and is very RIGHT.


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