‘We are swimming in poverty’ Finally the Kes 100 wedding couple reveal...

‘We are swimming in poverty’ Finally the Kes 100 wedding couple reveal their true situation as they are about to welcome their baby


The famous Kes 100 bob wedding couple Ann Wambui and Wilson Mutura were the internet sensation for days a few months back after their story went viral.

The couple were given a chance by well-wishers to experience a perfect wedding and honeymoon at the Coast to make a life-time memory.

They received a wedding gift that cost millions all in the aim of advertisement before they later went back to their normal lifestyles.  Months down the line they showed up with a well stocked mini-supermarket and a baby bump.

Sadly things are not as they seem. During an interview Wilson revealed that they were forced to shut down the shop they had opened in Kasarani due to lack of customers and sufficient capital to run it.

In a part he said; “My wife and I are fine, though we are struggling to make ends meet. Money is elusive, few problems here and there. We have been forced to close the shop we’d opened in May, 2017 because of lack of customers and sufficient finances to run it. I think the physical location of the shop was not strategic. There were days when evening would reach without having sold a single commodity. End month would reach without us raising the needed rent for the premises, thus forcing us to borrow money from friends and relatives to foot the accrued bills. The money we’d injected into the business was all lost. We would make constant losses. My wife and I saw it wise to sell the business and channel the money to another business, which would make little profit. Now I have resorted to selling apples. We had no other option,”


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