William Ruto’s Son Alleged to Vie for a Parliamentary Seat Come 2017!

William Ruto’s Son Alleged to Vie for a Parliamentary Seat Come 2017!


Speculation spreading is that Deputy President William Ruto’s first-born son could be getting groomed to join politics aiming for a parliamentary seat that his father once held.

The local media reported that Nick Ruto has been appearing alongside his father DP Ruto over the last couple of months at public functions especially in his home county, and even giving him a chance to address the masses in some instances, leading to the speculations.

One instance is when the young Ruto addressed the crowd during the Kimalel Goat Auction eventĀ which was held in Baringo.

Critics have alluded to the possibility that Nick could be getting propelled to run for MP in Turbo soon, a seat once held by the DP when he represented the then larger Eldoret North constituency.

According to the report, since late last year, the frequency at which DP Ruto has been appearing with Nick at public functions is increasing by the day.

Its not a new phenom where politicians introduce their children to political careers to follow their foot-steps. With other examples including President Uhuru Kenyatta and his father Jomo Kenyatta, opposition leader Raila Odinga and his father Jaramogi Odinga, former president Daniel Moi and his son Senator Gideon Moi, among many others.



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