Woman and kids forced to sleep on the floor, this is sad

Woman and kids forced to sleep on the floor, this is sad


Kenyan police are just inhuman, how on earth can they force a woman to sleep on the floor with her kids? Well it happened last night in Nairobi. The disgusted woman took to social media to air what she went through in the hands of police. Read this horrible incidence.

“Leo I was arrested at 4 am in buru with my friends for no reason but we managed to toka and now we are free. In the females’ cell, there was this mama who is ugandan and was arrested in kiambu for being in the country illegally; mark you she has been in kenya for years and has raised her children here. She has three children, two girls and a boy. She has already been taken to court, Thika law courts, and the court ordered for her immediate deportation. She was then taken to her kiambu house,took all her belongings and taken to industrial area where she would be deported from. The officer in charge there said he cant keep her so she was taken to buruburu police station, at this station she was told (and I quote her exact words), ” wewe hatuezi kupeleka peke yako. Utakaa hapa ndani mpaka siku tutapata wenzako uende nao. Hakuna mafuta ya kuharibu, hii ni hasara”. Now my issue is, are the police allowed to defy a court order? Are children supposed to be locked in adult cells?”


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