World’s celebrated R&B star Mariah Carey called an evil-witch over her dying...

World’s celebrated R&B star Mariah Carey called an evil-witch over her dying sister


The American singer and song writer Mariah Carey is back in the headlines after a long silence.

The talented artist who rose to fame two decades ago has been accused by his older brother of neglecting her sick sisters and not paying her hospital bill. Morgan referred to her sister as heartless adding that the superstar thinks that the world revolves around her.

Mariah and her brother Morgan
Mariah and her brother Morgan

Their sister Alison who is Hiv-positive is the hospital for brain and spine surgery. Mariah Carey the ‘I want to know what love’ is hit maker is said to be worth over 50 billion dollars but is not concerned about her sister’s health.

The award winning star recently got engaged to James Packer an Australian billionaire a clear indication to Morgan that Mariah Carey has got enough cash to pay the hospital bill.

Alison who is a former prostitute was involved in an accident in Hawaii last year but recovered though she urgently needs spine and brain surgery.

Alison,Carey's ailing sister
Alison,Carey’s ailing sister

Morgan wrote to Mariah saying “Your sister is dying and she’s struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch.”

Despite Mariah Carey’s success, her sister a mother of four has seen it all. She became pregnant at 15 and entered into prostitution to fund her drug habits.

Morgan, went on to accuse her superstar sister of spending more money on dogs while not forking anything towards her  ailing sister adding that her sisters bill is a small change to Mariah and her billionaire boyfriend.

Carey and her pet
Carey and her pet



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